From Brussels comes Andrea Mancini aka Cleveland, born in Luxembourg to an Italian family, a music producer and dj behind releases on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs, and the Californian ESP Institute.

His formative years started around the age of sixteen, inspired by some talented friends who were playing in local pop/rock bands. During these years, his passion for experimenting with electronic music software, synths, and samplers emerged. As he moved to Brussels for art studies, he got deeper into the rich local scene thanks to some dedicated players sharing knowledge and passion with him. In 2012 he eventually started his solo project ‘Cleveland’.

The sound universe of Cleveland, though being broad, is distinctly recognizable. Built around “leftfield” tones and organic rhythms, Cleveland’s productions are subtle with a modern feel while keeping a  focus on the dance floor through strangely elegant grooves. Andrea makes shadowy electronic music that’s full of suggestive, contemplative atmosphere that strikes a balance between carefully crafted loops that help the listener lose themselves, and a propulsive, party-starting side.

Similar to his own creations, his dj sets enthral and captivate his audience, bringing influences from various genres into one unexpectedly dynamic, hypnotic, adventurous, and personal journey, gently lifting the listeners off the ground before they realise they’re floating, and breaking the vibe from time to time with some intense firework moments.

Cleveland’s first 12” was released on Oskar Offermann’s renowned house label from Berlin WHITE in 2014. His second release came out two years later on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs. Thanks to both releases his project eventually gained international attention which helped him land slots at respected venues and festivals such as Panoramabar (Berghain), Institut Für Zukunft, De School, Robert Johnson, Primavera Sound Festival, and Melt Festival among others. His third full release was on Lovefinger’s ESP Institute, in 2017. He returned on Hivern Discs in 2017 with his ‘Crystal Quest’ EP. His last record Tusk/Aku was released mid 2018 on ESP Institute.

He also has a regular radio show on Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio called Planet Cleveland.

Cleveland already has some new and exciting music coming out in 2019.