Territory: Worldwide

Since the release of his superb debut EP, ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’, on Music From Memory offshoot Second Circle back in January 2017, Dazion – AKA producer, DJ, live performer and visual artist Cris Kuhlen – has been a man in demand.

The fabulous response to that record, which perfectly showcased his love of “goofy” drum machine percussion, kaleidoscopic analogue synthesizers, battered guitar effects pedals, lilting melodies and humid special effects, has seen attention fall on a producer whose exotic and far-sighted musical vision is deliciously difficult to pigeonhole.

Kuhlen likes to work predominantly with unloved and little known electronic hardware. These hulking beasts form a key part of his computer-free live shows, in which he performs semi-improvised jams full of heavy percussion hits and spooky synthesizer noises.

The Red Light Radio regular has recently been putting the finishing touches to a swathe of new tracks in his distinctive, Balearic-influenced retro-futurist style, some of which will see the light of day via EPs on Music From Memory, Second Circle and Young Marco’s Safe Trip label in late 2017 and early 2018.

2019 saw Kuhlen follow up on his previous release on Second Circle with another credible release further establishing himself as one the scenes most distinguished producers. Titled ‘A Bridge Between Lovers’ the five track EP is an unwavering expression of Kuhlen’s musical direction and skills as a multi-instrumentalist.

Recorded in his home studio in Den Haag, ‘A Bridge between lovers” is fluid in the familiar Dazion sound; utilising electronic and organic sounds twisting and turning them unexpectedly in his own distinctive way. As with its predecessor, the tracks on ‘A Bridge Between Lovers’ are heavily rhythmically fuelled and rich in melody.

As we look forward to 2020, we can look forward to some more dance floor ready cuts coming on Young Marco’s Safe Trip imprint. Watch this space.