Territory: Worldwide

For decades, the West Coast of the Netherlands has played host to a thriving community of DJs and producers renowned for their no-nonsense approach to underground electronic music. It’s within this world-renowned community that you’ll find Pasiphae, a rising star of who combines an energetic, open-minded approach to DJing with a similarly personal approach to music making.

Now in-demand as a DJ across the world thanks to a distinctive, dancefloor-focused style that prioritises surprise selections, unpredictable stylistic switches and driving grooves, Pasiphae first made her mark locally, and then internationally, as a producer. She began acquiring “cheap second-hand synthesizers, drum machines and effects pedals” soon after she moved to the Netherlands from Greece in January 2013 – a spontaneous move driven by a burning desire to immerse herself in the underground electronic music culture she’s loved since her formative years.

Remarkably, Pasiphae was only “five or six years old” when her eldest cousin first played her tapes of vintage techno, electro, acid and trance. These early experiences instilled a life-long love of listening and dancing to underground electronic music, a passion that just grew stronger with each hour spent tuned in to pirate radio stations that played spaced-out 1970s electronics and early Italo-disco.

Those styles and many more – most notably EBM and new beat – naturally inspired Pasiphae’s early productions, including her now celebrated 2016 debut alongside West Coast legend Intergalactic Gary on Biorhythm. They were explored, too, during regular sessions on Internet radio stations such as Intergalactic FM (a station she still holds a monthly residency on) and, from early 2017, an increasing number of club sets inspired by a desire to please the most dedicated dancers.

There’s a lot more to come from Pasiphae in 2019 and beyond, including contributions to various compilation albums and EPs and an eagerly awaited EP on Pinkman. There is a feeling, though, that this is just the start.

Pasiphae’s rise over the last two years has been remarkable. Alongside a celebrated solo debut EP on Interstellar Funk’s Artificial Dance label there have been appearances behind the decks of such celebrated clubs and festivals as Tresor and Sameheads in Berlin, De School and the Dekmantel festival in Amsterdam, D.O.G.S Milan, Kaiku in Helsinki, DYN Mexico City and, somewhat fittingly, The Crave and Intergalactic FM Festival in The Hague.

By her own admission, it can be difficult to pin down her DJ sets and productions. Pasiphae has broad tastes and more often than not her sets brilliantly join the dots between styles in an energetic, forthright manner inspired by her own love of dancing all night. The music she mixes is sometimes raw, dark and percussive, at other times spaced-out, colourful and synth-heavy. Throughout, you can expect sweaty thrills aplenty and bags of rhythmic energy.