Territory: Worldwide

If you took a trip to the dense forests to the east of Utrecht, there’s a fair chance that you might bump into Thessa Torsing, better known as upsammy, one of the most talked-about young DJ/producers on the Dutch electronic music underground.

While the gentle hum of nature might not seem the greatest fit with the futurist electronics, body-jacking rhythms and clandestine aural textures that surge from upsammy tracks, it’s often where Torsing looks for inspiration. Head out to those woods at night and you might spot her gaping in wonder at the way car headlights dance across the branches.

Torsing first rose to prominence as a DJ in her home city of Utrecht, where she was renowned for playing sets that giddily sidestepped musical conventions. After cracking her home city, she began to pick up regular bookings at such renowned underground hotspots as Amsterdam’s De School and BAR in Rotterdam. Overseas bookings and guest spots on renowned radio stations soon follows.

Check out an upsammy DJ set and you’ll be treated to a surprising and dynamic blend of experimental electronic dreaminess, spatial soundscapes, sci-fi inspired techno, raging body music and intense, electro-fired workouts. If you listen closely enough, you may hear subtle nods towards some of Torsing’s musical inspirations, such as Andrea Parker, Legowelt and Rolando Simmons.

The first upsammy productions began to appear in the autumn of 2017, though Torsing has been making music – first as a guitar player and bassist in bands, and later as a solo producer – for the best part of five years.

She rightly received praise for two superb contributions to Nous’klaer Audio’s sell-out Paerels compilation, leading to a debut solo EP for the same label. Containing a mixture of robust electro jack-tracks, crystalline electronica and otherworldly ambience, this impressive first 12” will be available in early 2018.

Further releases are expected as 2018 progresses, but for now upsammy is concentrating on doing what she does best: channeling natural inspirations into mind-altering music and unique, otherworldly DJ sets.