Flora Yin-Wong

Flora Yin-Wong

Having worked in music for nearly a decade, London-born producer, writer and DJ, Flora Yin-Wong’s in-depth and varied experiences have led her to follow instinct rather than intellect whilst weaving her way through various sound-related mediums.Her debut releases were via the Berlin based experimental label PAN (including a track on RA album of the decade compilation “Mono No Aware”) along with New York’s PTP (Purple Tape Pedigree).

Experimenting with various digital software and lo-fi recording processes, her work as a producer connects without creative compromise. Flora densely layers original samples that often pay diasporic homage to her Chinese and Malaysian heritage and religious references – early instruments like yangqin, gamelan reongs, and tsurigane bells and works these sensitively with granular synthesis and electronic production methods.

Equally her words find a balance between the oblique and the accessible – previously as an editor at London’s DAZED Magazine, AnOther Mag, Vice, Monocle, Resident Advisor, and most recently the Swiss-based Zweikommasieben.

Flora’s duality has also ensured she’s retained a firm presence in the club atmosphere as both a DJ and performer. A London native exposed to UK garage, bass/funky and IDM, to post punk from an early age, she found an affinity for all things dance throughout techno and house. Naturally she has DJed extensively: at Berghain, MUTEK, 3HD and Hyperreality festivals, across Europe, East Asia and Australia. She has also been a guest on NTS Radio, Rinse FM, Know Wave, Boiler Room and Berlin Community Radio.

Her widely praised live act has seen her perform at New York’s iconic ISSUE Project Room, Somerset House, Volksbühne Theatre Berlin, King’s Place and Cafe OTO where she has been invited as guest curator for the last two years.

Besides contributions for labels Circadian Rhythms and Objects Ltd she has remixed J Colleran, Scintii, Mun Sing (Giant Swan), Celyn June, on Because, Angoisse and Danse Noire.Commissioned on a sound piece for Somerset House Studios for their Gallery 31 exhibition space, Flora has travelled to Buenos Aires, Peru, and Montreal with the British Council – formed around years of personal, collected field recordings in collaboration with visual artist Go Watanabe. She retains a place as resident among the highly regarded Amplify collective.For Loop 2019, Ableton Live enlisted Flora as a contributor to create a founding sample which was then made into 800 tracks within 24 hours worldwide.She continues to practise in London with a commitment to both experimentation and engagement across DJ, production, live performance and editorial work.

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